The Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys (ATAA) has developed the first ever board certification program for paralegals in the specialized area of trucking litigation.  This program provides paralegals with the opportunity to set themselves apart through their demonstrated knowledge and experience in trucking litigation.  Board certification is a two part process.  First, to be board eligible, you will have to document substantial experience handling truck crash cases.  This experience will be independently verified.  Once board eligible, a paralegal will be authorized to sit for the board certification examination.  This examination will thoroughly test what an advanced paralegal who handles truck crash cases should know.  Process will not be an easy one, but in the end it will be a certification you can be very proud to have achieved.  Of course, this certification will serve as proof of your experience and knowledge in the marketplace.  

Board certification status remains in effect for a five year period.


Application fee:  $250
Testing fee:  $750
Recertification fee: $250

The Board Certification Application will be available to download soon.