About Us


To achieve membership as a Board Certified member, a lawyer is thoroughly vetted through a detailed process in which real world experience and results handling truck crash cases are verified and skills and knowledge are tested.  Unlike other organizations, designations cannot be purchased for any sum of money and no attorneys get favored treatment.  ATAA seeks to separate the great lawyers from the great marketers.   

Board Certified members of ATAA are also committed to the training, education and assistance of member lawyers who are seeking to learn how to better handle truck crash cases.  These fine lawyers make themselves available to speak at educational programs around the country and also one on one with members who need help on particular cases.  

ATAA is not against the trucking industry at all.  Good truckers and safety conscious trucking companies should and do appreciate our mission.  We are against dangerous practices that needlessly endanger people on the highways.  In the end, ATAA seeks to make a difference in highway safety by fighting unsafe practices that lead to truck crashes.  

Membership in the Academy is open to plaintiff lawyers only.


ATAA will also provide membership benefits and a board certification program for paralegals.  With educational programs administered by paralegals who are experienced and knowledgeable in trucking litigation, paralegals can attain a higher level of knowledge in this field and obtain board certification in trucking litigation as a paralegal.  This will greatly assist attorneys looking for experienced paralegals in this field with verifiable knowledge and expertise.